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Bankera is developing a bank to be the bridge between the traditional financial world and the blockchain techology. With a high-skilled and dedicated team, innovative solutions and a strong foundation – SpectroCoin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain wallet, Bankera is working towards its goal of becoming a blockchain-based bank.

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We continually look for people who can bring new perspectives, are highly talented and driven individuals from around the globe. Explore our current job openings and find a career you love at Bankera.


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Mediterraneo Hedge Team

The team behind Bankera represents some of the brightest minds in both the blockchain and financial markets, consisting of more than 80 professionals in the IT and Finance sectors, with know-how from international companies such as Bloomberg, Paysafe Group, and Skrill. A key part of our ongoing success is the way we work with clients and each other. We see a future for banking that is based on the blockchain technology, so our everyday work is based on giving people all over the world easy access to banking services.

Our Values


We share our passion and contribute daily to the evolution of Bankera.

We Go an Extra Mile

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our work.

Team Players

We support each other and overcome challenges together.

We build products and create value through technologies that improve people’s lives.


Always Delivering Results

We work to achieve the greatest impact by delivering high quality results.

Constantly Learning

We learn and adapt ourselves to find better ways of doing things in a constantly changing market.


Integrity is the foundation on which we build relationships and trust.

We Love What We Do

We are excited to be part of a larger purpose and help our company grow.

Work with Us

Find a place which values your curiosity, desire to learn and passion for moving forward.


Hedge Fund

Mediterraneo Capital Ltd (UK)
Mediterraneo Blockchain l Ltd (UK)
Mediterraneo Avisor Srl (IT)
Meti Consulting Ltd (MLT)
Other threee Business Angels
123-web Ltd (UK)
Be2bit Ltd (MLT)
Stock Advisor Ltd (UK)

23 Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus,
Pearse Street,
Grand Canal Docuk,
Dublin 02 Wr66



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