India is at the top of the list with an estimated GDP growth of 6.5%. According to experts, it is likely that it will become the largest economy in the world.

The country has a huge population and if it manages to achieve full employment of productive resources it will be an unbeatable force on global markets.


Currently led by Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines is composed of numerous islands with enormous economic potential. According to analysts, the country will observe an impressive growth of its workforce, to which a 5.3% GDP will be associated.


Thanks to the abundance of natural resources and an increasingly less dependence on foreign financing, Indonesia now appears destined to become a key player in the world economy.


The rapid transformation of the country from an emerging market could lead to slower growth in the next 10 years, which will continue to be characterized by high levels of debt. In this case the rate of progress of GDP has been estimated at 5.1%.


Initially Malaysia was limited to being an important exporter of agricultural products and raw materials. Today, however, its economy is progressively becoming known by the great world powers.

The impressive GDP growth of 3.8% is not yet offset by the growth of TFP (total factor productivity), which is the lowest in the top 10.



Located on the border between Europe and Asia, Turkey has often been dubbed the "roller coaster of emerging markets". The instability of the lira is now a hallmark of Ankara, but the economy according to Oxford Economics will grow at around 3% per year.



One of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world, with GDP expected at 2.9%. Tourism accounts for about 11% of the Thai economy and numbers only increase year after year.



The only Latin American country to have entered the ranking of the most favored emerging markets of the next decade. Considered to be much more attractive than the neighboring Argentina and Brazil, Chile is a mining giant and will play a major role in the lithium battery market. Analysts expect an average growth rate of 2.6%.



The only European on the list. Since its admission into the EU, the country has gained ample ground. For Poland analysts have estimated a growth of 2.5% which will find reason to be in a strong access to the European banking sector and to the use of the single currency.



South Africa will close the ranking of emerging markets that will conquer the global economy in the next 10 years. According to Oxford Economics, the country will grow by 2.3%.



10 emerging markets that will dominate the world economy

The 10 emerging markets, according to experts, will dominate the global economy over a decade.

Some emerging markets will gain a lot of ground in the next 10 years and, according to the Oxford Economics analysis, they will be able to gain a good share of the global economy.

According to the interesting analysis cited, India will earn the gold medal in the top ten with a growth rate of 6.5%.

Among emerging markets that will grow less instead the experts have pointed the finger against South Africa that will score a more contained + 2.3% according to estimates.

Emerging markets ready to conquer the economy: the top 10
Following is the ranking of those countries that, according to the analysis of Oxford Economics, will succeed in conquering the world economy. Next to each State the percentage of growth estimated by the experts.

  1. India: 6,5%

  2. Filippine: 5,3%

  3. Indonesia: 5,1%

  4. Cina: 5,1%

  5. Malesia: 3,8%

  6. Turchia: 3%

  7. Thailandia: 2,9%

  8. Cile: 2,6%

  9. Polonia: 2,5%

  10. Sudafrica: 2,3%

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