Our goal is to become the first blockchain speculative investment fund in the world and provide concrete solutions that help improve efficiency, reduce costs and open new revenue opportunities for our underwriters and brokers.

We are in a privileged position to combine all the advantages of a traditional hedge fund with the possibilities inherent in blockchain technology.

With our initiative we are investing in the future and becoming the world's leading hedge fund blockchain.


What is Mediterraneo Hedge?

Mediterraneo Hedge Fund plc is an innovative speculative fund (hedge fund), located in Dublin. Mission is to produce constant returns over time, with the possibility of very fruitful returns. 

The operations will be carried out through the use of appropriate software applications that do use of Artificial Intelligence and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Mediterraneo Hedge Fund


Mediterraneo Hedge Fund

Mediterraneo Hedge Fund employs a multi-strategy trading approach that encompasses a broad range of strategies, including, without limitation: distressed securities, equity-oriented, hedge / arbitrage, commodities trading, other debt, volatility protection portfolio, private equity and private credit, and real estate-related securities. But its core business is developed in the management of extremely vertical Funds Funds whose operations are governed by Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Agressive Growth

Investments in equity securities that are expected to accelerate in earnings per share growth.

Generally high P/E ratios, low or no dividends; stocks often smaller and micro-caps that should register rapid growth.

The management of this type of operation includes specialized sectoral funds such as technology, banking ict, AI, Robotics, biotechnology.

Covers that reduce holdings in the event of a fall in profits or in the event that stock indices are unavailable.

"LONG" investment approach. Expected volatility: high

Short Selling

In this case, short-term securities are being sold in anticipation of being able to buy them back at a lower price due to the valuation by the manager, the overvaluation of the securities, or the market, or in anticipation of disappointments from gains often due to irregularities, accounting, new competition, change of management, etc.

Often used as a hedge to offset long-only portfolios and those who believe the market is approaching a bearish cycle.

High risk. Expected volatility: very high.

Fund of Funds

It will be a combination of hedge funds and other pooled investment vehicles.

This combination of different strategies and asset classes aims to provide a more stable long-term investment return than any single fund.

Returns, risk and volatility can be controlled by the mix of underlying strategies and funds.

Conservation of capital is generally an important consideration.

Volatility depends on the mix and the relationship of the strategies used.

Expected volatility: low - moderate.

We will invest in stocks or debt from emerging (less mature) markets that tend to have higher inflation and volatile growth.

Short selling is not allowed in many emerging markets and, as a result, effective hedging is often not available, although Brady Bonds (bonds denominated in dollars issued mostly by Latin American countries) may be partially covered by futures on the US Treasury and currency markets.

Expected volatility: very high.



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